Our organization

The Erlin Club Gallery founded in 1992 is a cultural space with
a contemporary art gallery, ERLIN GALLERY
an applied art gallery, NES DESIGN
a film and video showing room,
run by the Erlin Galéria Kht,
a club-coffee shop and restaurant that hosts cultural events too, ERLIN CLUB & RESTAURANT
and an architectural and interior designing office, run by Erlin Ltd.

Located in downtown, Budapest IX district Ráday street, the heart of a growing cultural center, the Erlin Club Gallery is a 240 square meters cultural space.


Our activity

The Erlin Galéria Kht  organizes contemporary national and international exhibitions, since 2000 is the organiser of annual Plein Art Contemporary Art Festival.
Erlin Ltd is an arhitectural designig company drawing and implementing varied architectural and interior design projects. Planning of fine art works in the architectural space has always been considered one of our primary objective.